Szent Anna/Saint Anna Conference Hall

This 200 square metre conference room with its 10 8-person round tables is suitable for organizing banquets or luncheons. The menu can be tailored to suit needs. We can also organize buffet-style receptions for up to 200 people.


Szent Anna Conference Hall is fully equipped with 2 projectors, sound system, microphones, a speech stand, flipchart, and conference folders. At request, we can also provide interpreter’s booths with equipment for the foreign participants. This conference hall also has room dividers, so events can be organised simultaneously in two rooms. The building also has heating and air-conditioning systems.

Magyar Szentek/Hungarian Saints Lecture Hall

There is a lecture room in the reception building for up to 60 people in which lectures and screenings can be held with all the latest equipment. This room is also fully equipped with a projector, sound system and microphones. The conference stage can comfortably give space to 3 people for lectures or press conferences.

Open-air events

The terrace of Szent Jakab Restaurant also serves as a stage due to its mobile railings. Ideal venue for open-air events and grand occasions.