Due to the large number of pilgrims, we provide organized parking between Easter and 15th October and on the more significant pilgrimage days.

Parking fee for cars: 500 Ft (HUF); for minibuses: 1000 Ft, and for buses: 2000 Ft.

Elderly and disabled pilgrims can drive into the shrine up to the reception building or the Pilgrim Guesthouse, but their vehicles must be parked in the main car park. Please note that on special pilgrimage days increased security measures must be observed too.

On weekdays

For buses, there is a special parking area in front of the reception building.

For cars, a pebbled car park is provided in front of the reception building. 

Parking spaces at the Pilgrim Guesthouse

The car park of the Pilgrim Guesthouse can only be used by people staying in the shrine facilities. A special entry ticket is issued for them. The buses of the guests staying in the Pilgrim Guesthouse can also be parked here.

Handicap-accessible parking spaces

With a valid disability certificate, handicap-accessible parking spaces are available near the Pilgrim Guesthouse.

We kindly ask you to accept the parking controllers’ requests and action in all cases.