A Day at Szentkút

The following schedule is suggested for pilgrims:


10:15 AM – Arrival

10:30 AM – Singing to Mary in the Shrine and opportunity for confessions.

11:00 AM – Holy Mass followed by a brief lecture on the history of Szentkút/guided tour

12:30 PM – Lunch – A three dish special lunch for pilgrims is 1900 HUF for one person. After lunch you may visit the Franciscan Gallery or take a walk to the Pénzes Springs and/or to the Caves of Hermits.

14:15 PM Video presentation about Szentkút

15:00 PM Prayer

Please notify us before coming so we can help in arranging the programs: info@szentkut.hu .

If you would like to organize a walking pilgrimage to Szentkút from the neighboring villages and/or add some local cultural or touristical sightseeing to your trip, we are happy to assist you.

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Nemzeti Kegyhely
Mátraverebély-Szentkút 14.
Telefon: 06 32 418 029,
06 20 400 58 78
E-mail cím: info@szentkut.hu

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