A Warm Welcome

We, the Franciscan friars of Mátraverebély-Szentkút welcome you. On out website, you’ll find information about the calendar of feasts, history and spirituality of our Roman Catholic Shrine and other tourist attractions in the neighborhood.

For us, Hungarians, this valley is a special place of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary. This place is like a desert which had become Paradise where you may meet God. The Hungarian Conference of Catholic Bishops pronounced this place as a National Shrine. We believe, you’ll meet God here who shared the history of mankind. Our faith is not a myth; it is history indeed and its evidences you may touch by your own hands. At our Shrine the evidences are all those Thanksgiving plackets and the constant streams of pilgrims keep coming here.

People as pilgrims have been coming to Szentkút for eight centuries. Today we have about two hundred thousand visitors annually. We would like to help them meeting God. We guard the purity of our faith just as we guard the purity of the holy well of Szentkút.

Come to Mátraverebély-Szentkút! Wonder at the beauty of nature, architecture and folklore traditions. Experience the presence God in this wonderful surroundings. Take some holy water with you. Take part in the pilgrimages.

God Bless You,

Father Peregrin Kálmán

Director and Guardian in Charge


  • Oltárszentelés a prágai ferences vértanúk ereklyéivel (szept.30.)
  • Egyetemisták Zarándoklata (okt.1.)
  • Ferences Lelkiségi Napok (okt.2-4.)
  • Kiút az abortusz okozta fájdalomból (nov.23-26.)
  • Böjte Csaba testvér lelkigyakorlata (2017.dec.1-3.)
  • Elváltak, egyedülálló szülők lelkigyakorlata (2018. febr.23-25.)

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